Habt ihr mal versucht gebrauchte Umzugskartons zu verschenken?
- Sind die alle in der gleichen größer und Farbe?
- Hat schon jemand was auf den Karton geschrieben?
- Hast du denn alle Klebeband-Reste ab gemacht?
ARGH. Sachen verschenken in Deutschland ist echt eine Strafe

When projects are raised with the reason: “We need to buy a new tool…”.

In >90% it’s about the process and people not talking to each other.
Tools may support a good process, they shouldn’t be it.

"Just like Saudi Arabia is owned by the royal family, Japan is controlled by its large corporations. Any whistleblowing or criticism of the royal family gets you whacked in Saudi. In Japan, the same thing happens to those who engage in whistleblowing or criticism of corporate Japan."

Die Kommentare sind das Sahnestück. Intelligente Argumente und Dialog. Ein grosser Einblick in den japanischen Alltag.


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"The good news about computers is that they do what you tell them to do. The bad news is that they do what you tell them to do." - Ted Nelson

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Now I try to see if I can add road42.social to keybase.

Man merkt, dass der Fediversehype wieder runter ist. Twitter müsste mal wieder Mist bauen ;)

@news_heise Ich rate dringend ab von WordPress. Zu viele Sicherheitslücken und Fallstricke. Schaut euch lieber @getkirby an. Das ist als echtes CMS viel flexibler und meines Erachtens auch sicherer.

Blog post: Your databases always have a schema utcc.utoronto.ca/~cks/space/bl (in which I go on about this issue at much more length than my original toot, because apparently this is a surprise hot button for me)

I need input on this suggested #Keybase integration in Mastodon. I have provided a summary of what I know here:



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It's infuriating how often I google a story to verify it, and the results are:

1) NYT (no free articles left)
2) Fox News (always free)
3) WaPo (no free articles left)
4) Breitbart (always free)
5) Daily Caller (always free)

Guess what people end up reading when this happens?

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