Blog post: Your databases always have a schema (in which I go on about this issue at much more length than my original toot, because apparently this is a surprise hot button for me)

I need input on this suggested #Keybase integration in Mastodon. I have provided a summary of what I know here:


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It's infuriating how often I google a story to verify it, and the results are:

1) NYT (no free articles left)
2) Fox News (always free)
3) WaPo (no free articles left)
4) Breitbart (always free)
5) Daily Caller (always free)

Guess what people end up reading when this happens?


HackerNews - A Hello World app in React 2.1.5 has 1,568 dependencies spanning 1.1M LOC - 2019-02-18 22:40 (

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